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Archive for December 2019

The Neurochemistry of Music

Mona Lisa Chanda and Daniel J. Levitin have written a comprehensive paper regarding how music can regulate our mood and physical well-being. Music. They use five categories they look at regarding the power of music. These categories are: (i) reward, motivation, and pleasure; (ii) stress and arousal; (iii) immunity; and (iv) social affiliation. Click Here…

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Music Makes It Better For Veterans

Going into the studio is always a thrill whether you’re an old pro or a brand newbie.  The week of 12/16, our Veterans Music Project 2.0 went in with two new songs.  Nine Veterans and our music producer (also a ten-year Army Veteran) worked hard for 13 weeks.  For two hours every Monday night, we…

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Support Our Veterans On #GivingTuesday

During our Veterans Music Project, you often see fingers flying across blank pages writing lyrics almost as if they can’t get them out fast enough.  There is something cathartic about expressing thoughts and feelings through words and music.  We are always amazed that our Veterans  wish to explore some of the most vulnerable areas of their life. Who was…

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