Support Our Veterans On #GivingTuesday

During our Veterans Music Project, you often see fingers flying across blank pages writing lyrics almost as if they can’t get them out fast enough.  There is something cathartic about expressing thoughts and feelings through words and music. 

We are always amazed that our Veterans  wish to explore some of the most vulnerable areas of their life. Who was I before the military?  Who am I now?  How do those two worlds connect?  We at Alchemy Sky help Veterans channel their emotions through music, by giving them a place to come and collaborate with other Veterans and music professionals.  After our 12-week music program, we take our Veterans to a recording studio, where they are able to record the songs they wrote. 

This #GivingTuesday, we are asking our supporters to help us raise $1,000 for our Veterans Music Project 3.0 which starts early 2020.  Our two songs from VMP 2.0 will be out by February.  Our song from VMP 1.0 – Adjust Fire – is available wherever music is streamed or sold or by clicking below:

Adjust Fire