Alchemy Sky Foundation presents the Veterans Music Project

Alchemy Sky presents the Veterans Music Project

Free Songwriting Program For Veterans!

Sometimes, words just aren’t enough. Sometimes, what’s inside can only come to the surface through music. The Alchemy Sky Foundation brings together Georgia veterans from many walks of life to write and record music together.  Our Veterans Music Project helps Veterans process their unique experiences through the power of music.

In the Fall of 2018, with the help of professional music producers, sound engineers and world-class studio space, Alchemy Sky enabled ten veterans to create hip-hop song “Adjust Fire.”  It’s about the challenges not only of being in combat but also what battle veterans undergo to “keep it moving” when they return home.

“You never know what’s going to emerge from our sessions. We weren’t expecting the veterans to directly talk about their experiences with PTSD and combat but they did. Their courage and creativity are amazing and so courageous. They are leaders for other Veterans to let them know it's ok to feel this way.”

- Jaye Budd, Founder of ASF

As we speak, a different group of veterans is creating a new work of art. They’ll have 12 weekly sessions with the last week in a professional recording studio in downtown Atlanta. Here is what our Veterans have to say about the VMP:

“…writing about it helps to get the feelings out, the emotions out, and then when you have other people listening to it and they feel the same way about it, then you kind of feel vindicated that you have a reason for feeling the way you feel…”

- Kimia Flournoy, U.S. Marine Corps

“…music is a dominant role in my life.  It helps with my PTSD and my therapy…” 

- Lee Andrew Brey, Army

“… it allows me to express my writing skills as well as my love for music and wrap it up in this nice ball of therapy…it was an outlet for me to create and get in touch with my feelings I may not have known were there and put them in a way that hopefully, other people could connect to…”

- D’Olivia Jones, Air Force