Bridges To Mend

Veterans Music Project 3.0

So many bridges to mend.  So many hands to lend.  So many lost friends.  Looking for some silver lining in this touch of grey can be a fulltime job.  One of the things that has warmed my heart are all the examples of music making things better and pulling people together.  I think it shows how close music is to our lives and how we can turn to it when the storm hits the shore.  I’m a little biased but I think music can be the shortest distance between people.

Our Veterans Music Project is now online and still rockin’.  This is our third iteration and we are excited for the opportunity to work with such amazing Veterans.  We can see (and hear) how this new normal is giving us an opportunity to explore our true selves.  It’s a healing thing coming together to process the swirl that we find ourselves in these days.  This is the hook we are working on:

Let’s look inside and change our ways

In the eyes of a child I see better days

Times have been rough but this too shall pass

Turn the pain to love and make it last

Together we can get through this.  Together.

Bridges To Mend