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Archive for August 2017

How It All Started

ASF turns three this month.  Feeling a bit like reminiscing, I went deep into the vault, on the B side, to find one of our first posts.  Someone asked me in 2014 what I wanted to do.  This is what I wrote: Music.  A vibrational, harmonic event set in time.  Now that sounds fancy but…

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How Music Triggers Brain Activity

A research team from Stanford University School of Medicine took images of the brain in action using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) as people listened to short symphonies by an obscure 18th-century composer. This study aimed to gain valuable insight into how the brain sorts of different stimuli around it and sorts out events. Their…

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93 Year-Old Man Gets Band Back Together

This is a wonderful story from our friends across the pond.  Edward Hardy was a piano player before his world started to close in on him.  As he slowly entered dementia, he decided to move into an assisted living center.  He became withdrawn and depressed.  Enter Music.   Edward put a call out to ask…

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Father and Son – Carpool Karaoke

This is one of my favorites.  This father and son were featured on (British) Good morning America.  Teddy Mac (the father) was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s but music still makes it better.  Check them out belting out Quondo Quondo Quondo in the car. Research shows that the part of the brain that processes music is the…

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A Comparative Analysis of the Effects of Music Therapy in the Geriatric Population in Group Sessions versus Individual Sessions

This thesis discusses the different benefits of individual musical therapy sessions vs group musical therapy sessions in the geriatric generation. Group sessions consisted of a hello song, an activity used to increase cognitive stimulation, and a movement paired with music. Individual sessions also began with a hello song and involved singing subject preferred music, reminiscing…

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