93 Year-Old Man Gets Band Back Together

This is a wonderful story from our friends across the pond.  Edward Hardy was a piano player before his world started to close in on him.  As he slowly entered dementia, he decided to move into an assisted living center.  He became withdrawn and depressed.  Enter Music.  

Edward put a call out to ask musicians to join him for a jam.  The response was overwhelming.  Over 80 musicians, some from his original group, answered back, and the band was back together.  Music has such a powerful way to break down barriers and bring people into the here and now.

We see this at the VA all the time.  Working with Veterans from the Vietnam and Korean War eras, we will throw a little riff out and the first word or two.  That’s all it takes.  “I’m a….SOUL MAN!”
Count it in.

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