Music Makes It Better For Veterans

Going into the studio is always a thrill whether you’re an old pro or a brand newbie.  The week of 12/16, our Veterans Music Project 2.0 went in with two new songs.  Nine Veterans and our music producer (also a ten-year Army Veteran) worked hard for 13 weeks.  For two hours every Monday night, we wrote, played, talked, laughed and came together.  When we were ready, we reached out to the amazing music industry that Atlanta is famous for.  We had the good fortune to have some incredible artists join us to bring our ideas to life.  When we needed a beat, we got a great one.  When we needed a singer/songwriter, we found one of the best.  We recorded everyone’s rough track in the last couple Monday night sessions and got ready for the studio. 

As head roadie, I was running around most of the week.  As the sessions flew by, I couldn’t help but think that the songs we were recording might be the shortest distance between people.  Our song “Don’t Be Silent” talks about taking the first step when you are in pain.  Reach out.  #Don’tBeSilent. 

Our next song, “Blessed”, speaks of power of gratitude.  The ability to adjust your perspective just a quarter turn.  Take doubt and turn it upside down.  Take suffering and turn it into consciousness.  Pain buried is debilitating.  Pain acknowledged becomes art, inspiration and hope.  You might say there’s an alchemy to it.  As our Veterans recorded in one sweet sound; “If you try it, you’re gonna be blessed.”

It’s a bumpy ride these days in our country.  We all feel the gravitational pull of customized echo chambers, well-positioned opinions and strong currents flowing in seemingly disparate directions.  Having the privilege and honor to work with these Veterans over these last few months has reminded me that, in the end, there is not an us and a them. 

There’s Only Us.