We The Beautiful Locks

Have you ever stepped foot into a place, smiled and took a deep breath because it felt so right?  For many, The Bridge of Georgia is that place.  For the parent who has searched endlessly for someone to recognize the value in their child, it is that place. For the student who has difficulties that they just can’t quite articulate, it is that place.  For little ones who aren’t mad but tantrum just so maybe their voice will be heard, it is indeed that place.  The Bridge of Georgia is a place where you can literally see individuals achieving freedom. Freedom from societal constraints, freedom from low expectations and freedom to find their true purpose in life.
We have all fallen through life’s cracks once or twice.  We have all found ourselves in a situation where we weren’t understood, didn’t feel heard…felt all alone.  We have all been victims of a label here and there, to and fro, down our path. But do you remember that one person – a parent, an aunt, a coach or teacher – who saw beneath your surface? That one person who saw your potential, your value and ultimately your worth?  Do you remember that feeling of throwing your shoulders back and wanting to prove them right?  Do you remember how grateful you felt that they looked past your awkward confusion and saw more than even you saw?  We all can relate to this feeling on some level.  We all have had times in our lives when were beautifully complex locks looking for compassionate, patient keys.
Music therapy is one of the critical tools The Bridge of Georgia uses to free these young minds.  Through the stellar work of Metro Music Therapy, they unleash the divine shine in each and every student.  Music Therapy is such a welcoming, fun activity for children fostering expression, validation and cooperation.  A growing body of research supports the marked improvements that comes with music therapy.  But if you just sit in on a session and watch the therapist at work, you will find a magician who takes a group of children and facilitates fun while their wheels of development accelerate.  It is a thing of beauty to watch it happen right before your very eyes.
The Bridge of Georgia is truly a Godsend.  To the staff, parents and teachers who do the work everyday, unleashing and unlocking, YOU ROCK.

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