Thank you, Mr. Price.


When I first met Mr. Price last October at the Eagles’ Nest Community Living Center at the V.A. Medical Center in Atlanta, he shook my hand and said, “Jaye, I have two harmonicas and three sugar cookies in my shirt pocket.”

I knew we would be fast friends.

He proceeded to play You Are My Sunshine on one of his harmonicas as Sam and I backed him on guitar and bass. The whole group fell in for a live rendition that rivals any concert I’ve been to in all my years. The bond and the band were formed.

Walter Price was an Army Corporal who served his country for 13 years. Two of those years were spent as an infantryman in the Korean War. When I asked him about it, he said those days were “pretty rough”. He could hear the bullets flying past his head and prayed that he didn’t catch one. He risked his life so that we can live ours.

Mr. Price hasn’t missed one music workshop since we started in October. At the end of each one, he comes up, thanks us and tells us to be safe because he wants to see us again real soon. He thanks us.

What an honor it is to be in his presence and play music together.

Thank you, Mr. Price.

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