Radio Free Alchemy

We are excited to announce our free radio channel located at  Please enjoy some free, relaxing music by visiting our website.  We also would like to thank our three artists who have donated the use of their music on our free radio page:

Randy Melick has toured throughout the Midwest performing in Clinics,on College Campuses, Hotels, Up Scale Restaurants and Missouri Wineries. His love for music shines through every piece he plays and sings. He is not limited to just guitar playing and singing, he is also a songwriter as well as an instructor to his students at a local Community College. Randy is affiliated with BMI as a songwriter and publisher. His trey of the acoustic guitar will reach the depths of the soul. Melodies accented by neat little side rhythms and resonant quality make Randy’s music rival many of other renown acoustic guitarists around the world in the genre of New Age Guitar. His CD ‘Acoustic Passages’ 1996, was featured in Acoustic Guitar Magazine under the hit list reviews listed in Jan 1998 No 61. Please visit to purchase Randy’s music.

Anaya brings a universal and deeply spiritual perspective to her music, which she sees as a vehicle for healing and awakening consciousness; to fulfill a collective yearning shared by humanity for harmony, unity, and balance. In relation to her album, Eternity, she shares: “The essence of Love is Eternity. Love transcends time. Beyond memories of a beginning and fear of an end, our immortal soul symbolizes love and eternal life.”

Ken Elkinson studied classical piano at an early age, learning the instrument until he was 14, when he began to study jazz and pop styles. Elkinson picked up bass and guitar and studied music at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA. He played in an alternative rock group while in school and graduated in 1994 with several piano compositions beginning to take shape. He moved to Georgia where he fine-tuned his songwriting skills until he felt he was ready to record his debut CD, Midnight Conversation. He formed August Son Productions to release the album in March of 1997. He currently lives in California and is one of the most prolific artists in the U.S. Please visit for more information.


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