Our Dock. Our Bay. Our V.A.

When I tell people we facilitate needs-based, on-site, therapeutic, music workshops, they sometimes look at me funny.  When I say we go into places like the V.A. and celebrate life by singing and making music together, they get it.

Below is a clip that gives you a glimpse of what we have built so far.  You can see the residents participating with percussion instruments, singing and moving with the music but what is more subtle (and more important) is the sense of community that we build together.  It is such a natural thing; the smiles, joyful looks, high fives, fist bumps and hugs.  If I had to guess I would say it is the Universe singing out, “We all have more in common than we do in difference!”

The V.A. and Alchemy Sky

We as a society have perfected the strange art of being disagreeable. I am not smart enough to know what ancient philosophy, body politic or sacred ethos is more right or less wrong on any given day but I do know this. Music is the shortest distance between two people. It spans language chasms, age differences, cultural currents, health challenges and ground axes.

Music picks that pesky lock that we desperately need picked so we can all live and love in the only room we have.

Our Dock. Our Bay.

Music makes it better.

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