The Power of Music Therapy

When we think of healing, we often think of doctors, medication, physical therapy and hospital gowns. Although that is the traditional way of healing, some prominent researchers have come up with more natural alternatives. According to the popular newsletter Psychology Today, music therapy allows clients to explore and connect to the psychological, familial, emotional, spiritual and social components of a person’s inner world. 

When I personally think of music therapy, I think of people like Stevie Wonder, and Ray Charles who had physical ailments but found their way to the heart of music. Navigating through their other senses and having the ability to let the music guide them despite their conditions is absolutely amazing. As Stevie Wonder said, “I never thought about being blind as a disadvantage”. In a way, Stevie Wonder proved that music can transcend things like physical disabilities. His own music has surely helped others with healing. 

Jaye Budd, the Founder of Alchemy Sky has realized the healing power in music. He saw first hand how listening to orchestrated sounds or even creating music for oneself can be a powerful way to release pent up emotions. According to the American Music Therapy Association, music therapy is an established health profession in which music is used within a therapeutic relationship to address the emotional, physical, phycological and social needs of individuals.  Medical News Today says that music is so powerful that it can literally change your brain and may even make it run more efficiently. For example, drummers can simultaneously complete different rhythmic tasks with all four limbs. During a scientific investigation into drumming and the brain, scientists found that a drummer’s corpus callosum contains fewer fibers but they are thicker than the average person. The corpus callosum is related to decision-making during voluntary movement, as well as areas related to motor planning and execution. 

There could also be a link to healing in brain function when the practice of a certain instrument is applied daily. Practicing and perfecting a craft can offer benefits such as a sense of accomplishment, grounding and relaxation. The Alchemy Sky Foundation has created a platform where everyone gets a chance to attempt self-healing through the power of music. To learn more about hope, healing, and inspiration, visit