Music Impacts Emotions

Music is an integral part of the human experience. Songs have been sung for centuries, and music plays an integral role in many cultural ceremonies, rites of passage and other traditions. Love songs may be enjoyed on Valentine’s Day and stir up strong romantic feelings that enhance the theme of the day.

Why is music so impactful?

Researchers have had an interest in music and its impact on human emotion and perceptions for many years. Music of all genres and styles can be therapeutic and boost mood while bringing listeners pleasure and comfort. Sad music may intensify grief. Music can evoke strong feelings and may influence how individuals perceive other people and things.

The American Music Therapy Association reports that music therapy programs can be used to manage stress, enhance memory and alleviate pain. Research findings illustrate how music can help improve physical and mental health when used in concert with other strategies.

The right music can serve as a catalyst for romance. Those who may not be able to express their feelings verbally may find that music helps to convey feelings of intimacy.

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