It's Our V.A.

It’s Our V.A.


When I tell people that Alchemy Sky partners with the V.A., it gives some people pause.  It’s fair to say that the V.A. has some areas of improvement, as all organizations do.  But I have picked up a “safety of distance” with people’s perceptions about the V.A.   Like with all things, there is always more to the story.  I too had my distant perceptions.  But what I have learned since October of 2014 is that it’s our V.A.  These are our Veterans who fought for us.   These are our neighbors who serve them at the V.A.  It’s not us and them.  It’s just us – all of us.
Alchemy Sky’s work connecting V.A. facilities with our communities is one of the keys to improvement.  When we bring volunteers and musicians into the V.A., it melts away the perception that media outlets and talking heads create.  When you see the staff caring for our Veterans and making their lives better, it changes you.  When you see doctors come into our sessions to sing and dance with our Veterans, it changes you.  There is no better way to create an opinion but to participate.  It changes you.  For the better.

We have started our summer fundraising campaign and need your support.  For sixty minutes, we create an opportunity to connect up to 20 of our Veterans with our community with the simple yet powerful sharing of heart and song.  We bring a Board-Certified Music Therapist (MT-BC), all the musical and audio equipment, and a volunteer for each session.  These sessions create as well as stimulate memories and magic.  This kind of magic happens when we all come together and share in a moment of pure giving within the embrace of a song.  Will you help us change the life of a Veteran today?


Thank you.

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