Help Serve Our Veterans This Holiday Season

Our Military Veterans have given their lives in service to others.  They have dedicated a portion, if not all their lives, and their family’s lives to support our freedom.  Sadly, in return hundreds of Veterans today are not living their final days in the comfort of a loving home with children and family gathered around them.  The world of many of our Veterans is in a facility where they are provided one small room to exist in.  They feel lonely, isolated and ignored!  That is why the Alchemy Sky Foundation exists!

Veterans are trained to support their close comrades, in time of war, as well as in peacetime.  While serving, they develop deep emotional ties to those who know them best.  All that disappears for many of our Veterans, and they end up housed in VA facilities, and other nursing homes that don’t have the resources, or sometimes the will to care any deeper than 3 meals a day, and a bed to sleep in.

Alchemy Sky provides group music therapy sessions, led by a Board Certified Music Therapist and volunteers, that provide the social motivation to move our Veterans from isolation to involvement, and feeling alive again through music!

For many of us visiting anyone in a nursing home setting can feel awkward.  After asking what a resident had for breakfast, or asking how they are feeling….where do we go from there? Alchemy Sky knows that music brings Veterans together and wipes away the awkwardness, it brings joy!

Music is the conduit, our Volunteers are the catalyst, as their healing naturally occurs!

The need for the music therapy and services Alchemy Sky provides is growing every day.  Information about our work is becoming known and requested in the homeless community serving Veterans, as well as additional nursing home facilities.  Our model is to serve Veterans without growing an already encumbered VA system.  We need your help now to grow!

Please, visit our donate page at and give today, before the end of the year to ensure that Alchemy Sky can meet the growing demand for our services.  The life of a healed Veteran depends on it.

In Gratitude,
Jaye Budd
Executive Director

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