What The Heck Is An Alchemy Sky?

Going from “Oh, you work at Verizon.” to “What the heck is an Alchemy Sky?” is a bit of a leap. And no, it wasn’t just that first cell phone bill I got.  (Although they do add up.)

When I think back over my life, it occurs to me that music has always made things better.  It makes no difference how happy or sad a memory was. From weddings to funerals, graduations to break-ups, from the highest highs to the lowest lows, music has always had a profound impact on me.  Music’s calling card is a tingle, a smile, a nod, a long forgotten memory or a good set of goose bumps.  We all know that feeling which, in a sense, bonds us.  The angels of our humanity live in our similarities not our differences.

But perhaps the most amazing part of music happens in the middle, where life happens.  The traffic, treadmills and tedium.  (Old Guy Alert: We used to say at the gym in college, “If you want to lift something heavy, put in a Van Halen cassette.”)  Getting ready in the morning or coming home after work, driving in the car (in infamous ATL traffic) or squished into an airplane, music can take us to another place, another thought or just a better frame of mind.

My “Big Bang” moment was the video of Gabby Giffords’ recovery after the congresswoman was brutally gunned down at a public town hall she held for her constituents at an Arizona supermarket.


(Minute 3:10)



Alchemy represents the transformational power of music. The Sky is the limit as to where we can use it.

Count it in.


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