Healing With Music Therapy

We believe in the healing power of music. We believe in partnering with music and health professionals to bring the power of music to those who need it. We believe in people like Elizabeth Winkler, Jodi McLaren, and Whitney Myer. We believe in programs like this one at Renown Health pediatric unit.

Elizabeth Winkler is a child life specialist at Renown. She has seen the effects of music therapy.

“Even if that means like a 20 minute session of music,” Winkler explains, “and they’re smiling and their parents haven’t seen them smile in days, that is so healthy for the healing process.”

When Joci McLaren visits children in their rooms, she tries to make that time fun and empowering.

There’s a lot of giggling in the room, but there’s actually something scientific going on here.

“Our brain lights up like a Christmas tree across both hemispheres, both on the superficial neocortex, as well as deeper in the brain,” Kimberly Sena Moore explains, “all the way down to the brain stem, even the spinal cord is activated.”

“When we’re participating in music, whether we’re listening or actually engaging in it, there are hormones released in the brain like dopamine and oxytocin,” McLaren explains, “these are like feel good hormones, and so there’s that element that actually changes your brain chemistry.”

If you’d like to know more about our group music therapy program for nursing-home Veterans in partnership with the VA Medical Center of Atlanta, please contact us.

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