Healing Benefits of Music Therapy

An article on the healing benefits of music therapy caught our attention this week.

Despite numerous studies revealing its benefits, music therapy doesn’t always get the recognition and support it needs to thrive in communities. Fortunately for Canadians, Music Heals, a Vancouver-based charity, works to support and expand existing music therapy programs throughout the country, including on the West Shore.

“There is no music centre of the brain,” said Chris Brandt, executive director of Music Heals. “We have the math centre and the speech centre and different areas that do different things. And when we have damage to certain areas, there can be damage to those things. But music is everywhere. So if there’s a damaged brain through concussion, stroke, car accident or dementia, music can often be used to rewire the brain.

“People who are forgetting the names of their children will often still remember the lyrics from a song when they were 13,” Brandt continued. “So using music can help people be themselves longer.”

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For more information on the Victoria Conservatory of Music Therapy program visit the VCM website.


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