Free Calming Music Playlist

Alchemy Sky Foundation has a free music streaming radio page which focuses on the healing power of music.  We have generously received permission by some amazing artists to stream music for our community.  We are grateful for their support and their amazing music.  Their music makes it better.

At Alchemy Sky Foundation we believe in the healing power of music. That is why we provide free calming music on our new age radio. Calm music relaxes, heals and lifts the soul of the listener. With thousands of music donations, you can comfortably enjoy free streaming music for hours at a time.

Some of the notable voices you will enjoy listening to in our free radio include:

Mark Pinkus

Mark Pinkus is the 2017 winner of the Tennessee award for Original Solo Piano album category. This goes without saying that you will be streaming free award-winning standard music. His songs major on the issues of love for nature, relationships, moods and other times on travel. His other big message is the quest for peace and tranquility. He takes the listeners on a musical journey that you can’t afford to miss.

Nouveau Papillon

This is a collaboration of two great musicians Mark Bensette Aux Bois and Hildi Thelen. The name which translates to a new butterfly has taken over music from the traditional New age genre. Theirs offers an ambiance of wonderful haunting soulful melodies. Theirs is a constantly improving evolution of highly powerful instrumental imagery.

Randy Melick

He is a renown acoustic guitarist who is also a singer, songwriter, and instructor. He is also affiliated to BMI both as a publisher and a singer. His music classifies under the genre of New Age Guitar. His acoustic guitar reaches deeply into the depths of the soul.


Yet another perspective of music in Alchemy Sky Foundation radio. Anaya comes in the perspective of the deeply spiritual and universal music for healing and the awakening of consciousness. She targets to instill the desired humanity values of harmony, unity and individual balance. Listen to Eternity and her six other songs in our free radio music.

For a free healing and therapeutic music, stream from Alchemy Sky Foundation at

Alchemy Sky Foundation partners with organizations in the community along with a network of professionals in music and mental health to offer need-based programs to clients. We are a nonprofit organization supported by donations. Start streaming today.

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