Combat Medicine by Hip Hop Artist Doc Todd

Combat Medicine by Doc Todd is a sensational new album that presents us with fresh new hip hop with a twist. It is directed particularly at veterans, but its affecting, riveting lyrics and tough, straight-talking style will appeal to everyone. Though heartbreaking in places, this unflinching album will ultimately uplift the listener with its positive affirmations and truthful statements. Musically talented, Doc Todd, has created a powerful album that will stay with you for many years into the future.

In Combat Medicine, Doc Todd speaks deeply from his own experience. He is a combat veteran himself, and thus he knows all too well the problems that can plague veterans such as PTSD, alcoholism and anxiety. Many of the lyrics in Combat Medicine are addressed directly to veterans, telling them to take the bottles of alcohol that they had been using to drown their sorrows and ‘pour ’em in the sink’. Combat Medicine is an album that does not shy away from the devastating issues that affect veterans, such as isolation and drug addiction, but which also aims (as its title indicates) to provide them with something hopeful, something that will motivate them to turn their lives around.

Combat Medicine is the best kind of medicine. Medicine that heals, connects and inspires. Lovers of traditional hip hop will find this an an intriguing addition to their collection. Veterans, and anyone who suffers from mental health issues, addiction and isolation will, moreover, find that this album offers them something deeper: a friendly voice that understands their pain and wants to help them through it.

The conclusion on Combat Medicine? A heartfelt, absolutely amazing album that is sure to be a force for good in the world. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this album today – it may bring you to tears but you will most definitely not regret it.

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