A Night Of Alchemy

“A seemingly magical process of transformation, creation or combination.”

We had our first fundraiser in Atlanta on Friday, November 11th.  As we hurried to hang posters and hearts, test mics and amps and practice our stories and speeches, you could feel the energy begin to build.  Musicians call it “The Magic”.  I think that Aristotle fella said when that feeling occurs, the whole is greater then the sum of its parts.


As people arrived, they took in the energy.  The fact that it was Veterans Day.  The fact that ASF serves Our Veterans with Music Therapy.  The fact that the righteous band, Thunder Gypsy, was about to take the stage.  It all felt right.  As I looked from the back of the room, I saw a mile of smiles, a sea of head bobs and a convoy of joy.  “A magical process of transformation, creation or combination.”


Thank you to all who support our work and Our Veterans.  Music Therapy has its origin from WWII when certain Veterans only responded to the power of music after coming back from battle.  We continue that work today with your help.  Together we are Alchemy Sky.



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