Singing With Parkinson's

Singing with Parkinsons2

In conjunction with our partner, The George Center, Singing with Parkinson's is a therapeutic choir for individuals with Parkinson's Disease and similar diagnoses in the Atlanta area. The choir meets once a week for an hour, and is facilitated by a board-certified and licensed Music Therapist with an additional certification in Neurologic Music Therapy. Participants in this choir engage in therapeutic exercises, Neurologic Music Therapy interventions, and group singing to address goals and objectives designed to facilitate improvements in speech fundaments, motor functioning, and emotional wellbeing.


Notable improvements have been noted in participants' breath support, articulation, and speech pacing. Participants have also expressed that they derive enjoyment and a sense of community from weekly rehearsals, and have been observed to form relationships with one another outside of the context of the weekly sessions. In addition to supporting the established therapeutic objectives, this program provides individuals with PD a support system that promotes emotional wellbeing and a sense of community.

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