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The Kids Are Alright

“Hey Jaye, are you going to Music Midtown?”

“Maybe, I don’t know a lot of the bands.”

MM is a huge music festival in downtown Atlanta – two days, a ton of bands.  The wrinkle – many of these bands I’ve never heard of.  Milky Chance (a new candy bar?)  Bastille (tribute to the French Revolution?)  Big Sean (James Bond comes out of retirement?)

We all do this.  We all have the temptation to say that our bands were the best bands.  Music just isn’t the same as it was “back in the day.”  Well, I am happy to report – The Kids Are Alright.

Music is timeless.  Passion speaks every language.  Connection knows every emoji.

No, I didn’t know a lot of the songs but I didn’t have to.  The thousands of (mostly younger) people brought me up to speed.  The enormous crowd had their own “Piano Man”.  They swayed and sang to their version of “Sweet Home Alabama“.  Their songs (to them) are just as passionate and important as our songs (to us).  Maybe it’s all One Big Song.  And, just as “our bands” did a cover or two from “yesteryear”, Weezer covered an Outcast song (“Hey Ya”) and Bastille did a TLC song (“No Scrubs”).  Yeah, maybe it’s all One Big Song.

Finally, as if the Music Midtown Gods wanted to give this old dog a big high five, Bruno Mars ended Saturday with fireworks and “Uptown Funk“.  The crowd went wild like every generation’s crowd before that waited for the end of their favorite concert to hear their favorite song.

Yes, I knew that one.  #MusicMakesItBetter


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